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Today we interviewed Marta, Recruiter and Alex, IT Consultant at ARHS Group who gave us an overview of their IT company where you work hard but play hard as well.

Arηs is an international, fast-growing group of companies specialized in managing and delivering complex IT projects and systems.
Our core expertise includes software development, mobile development, business intelligence, infrastructure, digital trust and enterprise architecture.

Basically, we provide our customers with holistic IT solutions: we cover all layers of business, technical domains and types of service. It is end-to-end!

Founded in 2003, Arηs has been expanding continually − both geographically and in the services we provide − from year to year. Today we are composed of 8 diversified entities that are unified by the Arηs Group. This corporate structure enables us to respond quickly to market evolutions and customer requests, and to communicate and make decisions without layers of bureaucracy.


Création: 2003
Revenues: 49,5M€
Consultants: 790
Last Permanent job offers:


Moovijob : On your Facebook page, we only see photos of your events whereas other IT companies use sophisticated graphic web designs. Is that a conscious choice of transparency serving your employer branding?

Marta: We want to remain natural and authentic in our overall communication to highlight our human dimension, whereas other companies showcase their technologies with sophisticated web designs. We think technology is everywhere but the same does not apply for human being.

The people that Arηs hires are not merely cogs in the business machine but individuals who represent the company externally. So, we go the extra mile to attract, develop and retain the people that we hire. We do this by making them aware of how valuable they are from Day 1. That is what we show on our Facebook page. We say it, we do it and we show it.


If you are ambitious, eager to learn and if you enjoy working with passionate people and seeing the direct results of your efforts, we would love to meet you! Discover our job offers on

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