How to optimize your chances of being hired at a job fair? Our checklist!

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A job fair enables you to meet and discover several exhibitors during one day. It is a unique opportunity to talk face-to-face with recruiters and experts. But you can't go to a recruiting fair and expect to get a job like this! Indeed, you need to prepare yourself to maximize your chances of being hired. To succeed, there are 3 steps to respect.

First of all, you need to know that companies that are taking part in this kind of event aimed to gather a maximum of resumes and contacts in order to build a talent pool. Recruiters are expecting to meet candidates that are prepared, motivated, and interested in their companies.

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If you are reading this article, it means that you are going to participate in a job fair soon. Do you think you are ready? To be sure, check our short list below!


What to do before the job fair?

In fact, during a job fair you will be wainting twice the time you will actually spending exchanging with exhibitors. So be organized, and target a short list of companies that you really want to meet. You can define a second short list of companies you would like to meet, in case you have some time left.

To meet recruiters' expectations, you will have to gather information, study their employer brand. These recruiters want you to be psychologically ready, to bring the right documents and show that you are really interested in their offers.

  • Grab some information about the companies you are interested in. You can check the information on the job fair website, on the career websites of companies and on social media. You need to be able to know for each exhibitors - their products and services, their location - and you have to identify if they are hiring profiles like you with examples of job offers.
  • Be ready to ask questions to the exhibitors about interesting key elements, which are not on the communication supports of the company. In other terms, do not ask something that is displayed on the booth or on their exhibitor form on the website of the fair, otherwise it will show that you did not do research before coming and that you are an opportunist!
  • Prepare your elevator pitch. It is a one minute short professional presentation of yourself for a recruiter that doesn't know you. It has to be efficient, clear and understandable for your interlocutor. He/she will be able to know who you are, what you want and what you are expecting from him/her.
  • Prepare your convincing case. This small list of reasons why you are the right person made for the job or why you are interested in working in this domain are the key points that will mark the recruiters afterwards. Show the recruiters that you are paying attention to their company, it is a very good first step.

How to be ready on the D-day?

  • Come with an appropriate dress code. The casual business style will allow you to be in line with jobrecruiters at the fair. Yes, you can't wear a tracksuit! Being well-dressed is crucial because you can't make a second good first impression.
  • Do not come during the rush hours. You will have better chances to meet with the recruiters in piece and quiet at the beginning of the fair when they are still fresh and in shape.
  • Bring a lot of updated resumes, in sufficient quantities. You can also bring a cover letter if you have found the job offer of your life!

What's next after the fair? 

  • Do not hesitate to get back in touch with recruiters you had a good feeling with. Take the initiative to ask them their business card during the fair.
  • Update your online profile on social media that you mentioned on your resume if you haven't done it yet.
  • Add the professional contacts you met during the job fair on professional social media of course! You never know if they can help you now, or later on.

Key takeaway: a job fair is a chance to get a first contact with recruiters and to make yourself an opinion about their company. If you respect each stepmale we mentioned above, you will be able to maximize your chances of getting a job and make a mark on recruiters' minds thanks to a job fair.


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