My Life in luxembourg: a French-Maurician Digital marketer's point of view


Publié le 09/04/2018, par Oriane MARTIN

You may not know, but Luxembourg is a hyper multicultural country located in the middle of Europe. To make you discover its labor market and the diversity of people who live and work there, we decided to interview each month someone about his/her life in Luxembourg! Let’s continue with our 4th episode and the experience of Emilien, a French-Maurician digital marketer who has been working there since August 2015.

The first thing you would ask to someone living in France in Metz and working in Luxembourg is: “How did you get there?” Emilien started an internship in a web agency in Luxembourg, thanks to a teacher at the University of Lorraine where he was studying by then.

After 3 years of working experience, we asked him what he liked the most in Luxembourg regarding the working environment. For Emilien, the first reasons were the high wages and multiculturalism. Indeed, working with people coming from all around the world is an enriching experience, Emilien says. He also evoked the fact that in Luxembourg, we judge people for their skills, whereas in France, there is still an old fashion way of favoring graduates from prestigious institutes.

When asked about what he doesn’t like at work, Emilien is very clear: “Transportation. You just must look at Twitter to understand the obstacles crossborder workers have to face every day. I think that Luxembourg needs to use home office politics to boost its productivity.”

We also wanted to obtain his view concerning Luxembourg in general. There is one thing he regrets about Luxembourg: the train station of Bettembourg during the winter time. However, he raised our attention on the multilingualism, the fact that Luxembourg is a place of multiculturality and very often is a precursory country in terms of innovation!

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