Which kind of remote worker are you?


Publié le 01/12/2020, par Andréa Ramos


2020 has been a very special year. The COVID-19 was the massive part of this year, but we need to find positive aspects to this health crisis. We’ve acquired new skills – namely thanks or due to remote working.

As many of us are facing this new work organisation, we gathered in this article the different types of remote workers: the one who mixes up remote working and holidays, the one who has kids, the one who doesn’t wear clothes anymore… Tell us which one you are! 🤣

1 – The pyjamas lover

This type of remote worker is definitely the most delighted with the lockdown announcement! He/she is absolutely thrilled to work from home wearing only his/her favourite pyjamas, leggings, or tracksuit.


Special trick: keeping his/her favourite comfortable outfit wearing a shirt on top during the videoconferences to look professional while staying comfy!

2 - The worker-holiday-maker

For him/her, remote working rhymes with holidays: Netflix series, video games, sport sessions, refreshing naps, cakes cooking… Reading and answering his/her e-mails is the least of his/her concerns.


Special trick: moving the mouse on his/her computer professional to make it look like he/she is actually working.

3 - The soldier

He/she requires 4 meetings per day: morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. This type of remote worker is always calculating how many minutes you take to answer and ranks every colleague he/she has in an Excel table by their reaction time.


Special trick: drinking 42 coffee each morning and energizing drinks on the afternoon to keep this energy that characterizes him/her.

4 - The parent

This remote worker is the funniest during the videoconferences – his/her child usually appears on the back, or we can hear some screams for his/her bottle sometimes. As you can see and hear, his/her kids are always very involved in the job of his/her parents!


Special trick: creating new activities to combine work and children homework: “Listen, today we’re going to read mommy’s/daddy’s emails from work to practice your reading skills”.

5 – The denier

The lockdown didn’t change anything for this type of remote worker. He/she stills wake up at 05:45 pm, choose his/her best professional outfit, and takes coffee-breaks each hour. Well, now he/she has cats as colleagues, but this is the only difference.


Special trick: each evening he/she packs his/her lunch for the next day and eats it in front of his/her computer, just to keep the working pace you know.

6 - The paranoid

This is the last type of remote worker we're going to present in this article: the paranoid. The COVID-19 crisis has been though, and we're all reacting differently. He/she jumps each time somebody sneezes during the videoconference and directly sanitizes his/her computer screen.


Special trick: he/she avoids each meeting – include the virtual ones – has his/her own stock of hydroalcoholic gels and wears the mask at home.


Depending on the days, we can be each one of these remote workers! If you still have trouble to be productive while working from home, we give you some tips in this article.

Do not hesitate to tell us which one you are and if you met other types of remote workers! 😉

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