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Je cherche une liste d'offres en V.I.E. au Luxembourg, j'ai l'impression que ce n'est pas courant. Quelqu'un peut m'aider ?

Toute info, contact apprécié.

Merci bien




Salut Sophie,

Retour au point de départ où tu trouveras une liste d'offres intéressantes pour le Luxembourg.

A ce propos, on organise un évènement virtuel, le 1er octobre, avec la présence de quelques unes de ces sociétés listées : on retrouve CACEIS, Arcelormittal, BNP Paribas qui peuvent te permettre de décrocher le fameux V.I.E. au Luxembourg :)

Les personnes en charge du recrutement seront connectées en temps réel au salon virtuel Unicareers. Tu pourras discuter de vive voix avec elles.

Plus d'informations et inscription à notre évènement ici :






Pas mal cela !!! Et un 1er octobre où je fêterai mes ... ans!!

Merci BCP...Nicolas pour l'information...

Au plaisir.






Guten Tag allerseits,

Können Sie mir helfen einen Job zu finden.

vielen Dank im Voraus


Suhad Mohammed


Personal Data

Family Name: Mohammed                  

First Name: Suhad                                              

Nationality: Yemeni                              

Date of Birth: 5/8/1969                         

Place of Birth: Aden-Yemen

Current Address: Khormaksar -  Aden    

Civil Status: Widow                               

Number and Age of Children: Two (a boy 24 years old and a girl  years old)       

E-mail address:

Date: 1988 studied at "The Comprehensive International School" Secondary school - Aden - Yemen                     

Further Education




Degree obtained


Mrs. Gisela Adamowsky/GTZ

Economics and Office Management



Professional Experience



Employer / Contractor


Project / Tasks


01/08/2016 up to date







Aden Field Office

Program Associate – Admin/Logistics Assistant


HR Focal of Aden FO performing the following tasks: -

1.   Prepare attendance sheet of all SMs on a monthly basis and send it to CO HR Section;

2.   Requesting SMs for annual leave planning, compiling inputs of FO SMs and send document to CO HR Section;

3.   Maintain and organize records of SMs documents concerning leave requests, medical requests, overtime working, renewal of contracts,

4.    Retirees: - Assisting CO HR Section on following up retirees to provide required documents and issues requested by GSSC;

5.   Arranging and supervising written tests for short listed candidates          based in Aden who are invited to perform written tests for Unicef new International and National posts.

6.   As Aden FO’s Drivers Supervisor participated in the recruitment process of 2 new TA Driver posts based at Aden FO accessing TMS, one of the panel representing Aden FO during all stages of recruitment process in selecting short listed candidates, Test, interviews and recommendation.

7.    R&R leaves of IP SMs;

Custodian of UNLPs related to Aden FO National SMs;

  1. Assist on providing orientation briefing to new staff. Participate as a resource person in assisting new staff on obtaining UN IDs and UNLPs and other related issues.
  3. Coordinate with CO HR to provide assistance in their HR information management.
  4. Support CO HR on the development and implementation of data collection systems to optimize data quality.
  5. Promote the organizational goals and targets for gender equity and cultural diversity.

Operational Support: -

- Custodian of Office stationery: - Prepare all stationary on monthly basis, identify needs and plan for the annual/monthly needs, control release of stationary to staff and personal use and keep records for stationary use.

- Custodian of Petty cash: - Ensure the recipient identity validation, prepare petty cash clearance and replenishment wherever needed to ensure provision of cash; Review all requests and approvals and determine the applicability of petty cash rules and follow procedures and policies to each payment;

-Supervisor of 4 Unicef drivers and 11 ancillary Staff: - Ensuring quality control, timeliness and efficiency of work on daily basis of ancillary Staff (the cleaning services) recommend office cleaning services’ needs, monitor and maintain quality of work of Cleaners and Gardeners. Assessing their performance and prepare the key assignments of Office Drivers and take necessary action and recommendation for Office's Drivers and extra drivers when required on daily basis and arrange Unicef drivers for roster duties.

-Day to day operations: Focal point in assisting international personal, consultants and staff on internal and external meetings arrangements on general administrative matters relating to workshops, internal meetings, provide advice, perform booking process and arrangement of meetings, training and WS to be

conducted outside Office site in hotels, venues etc...

-Ensure safety of Office premise infrastructure and take urgent, necessary and appropriate action on providing maintenance whenever required;

- Supervise status of generators and request maintenance when needed, ensure sufficient stock of diesel, request required quantities, monitor optimal usage on daily basis and maintaining up to date and monthly records,

Administrative tasks:

1. Focal point of Aden FO on vision issues; Assist IP on TAs raising in Vision and follow up process until approval is done and other travel matters.

2. Organize the accommodation of trainees during seminars;

3. Maintain all Office supplies such as stationary, equipment, refreshments etc.…

4. Focal point to receive misuse and damage of Office equipment and act accordingly;

5. Assist SMs on raising TAs & submitting SC when requested;

6. Take minutes of weekly and monthly ZMT meetings;

7. Responsible of Office stores, perform inventory lists of yearly physical count exercise and update inventory lists of FO Assets accordingly and regularly.

8. Maintain filing system of Office Operations/administration Section;

9. Assist the Office on all secretarial, administrative and clerical work on daily basis and whenever needed.

10. Focal point on assisting Rep & RD administratively during their missions in Aden;

11. Perform any other requested tasks.

Missions: -

Act to provide support and assistance in Unicef Offices or FOs:-

- Attended a mission in Unicef Sana'a CO Operations Section covering PA during

her annual leave, assisted the section in performing all Office tasks.

Program Support: -

-Logistics and transportations of the FO:- Organize the local transportation of FO International and national Staff missions in the city as well as outside the city as per technical staff requests; Requesting extra cars/and or drivers; Responsible for the co-ordination and follow up of the day-to-day operations of logistics and transportation of the FO; Ensure sufficient stock of petrol, request required quantities, monitor optimal usage on daily basis, supervise status of FO vehicles (AVs and soft skin cars) perform check-up or maintenance when needed and ensure that they are always provided with sufficient fuel.

Due to Decentralization of Aden FO chosen by CFO to be the secretariat of the GPRC since Jan 21 up to date




19/09/2012 up to 31/7/2016







World Health Organization

Aden Sub-Office

Finance/Administrative Assistant


_Under the supervision of the Administrative Officer, the duties are but not limited :-

_To administer and manage the E-Imprest System. Ensure proper implementation of financial procedures, system and internal controls according to Global management System (GSM) instructions and WHO rules. Select and enter data from variety of documents, ensure accuracy of calculations and attach necessary supporting invoices or receipts of payments and payment authorization Carry out day to day transactions;

_Maintain proper financial records; Close the monthly accounting period & prepare the monthly financial reports;

Collect, register and monitor follow-up system for projects activities; Checks & verifies: local cost expenditure reports received from projects;

_Prepare correspondence, special reports and briefing materials for (WHO) representative; Maintain liaison with local banks and maintenance of

office bank accounts and follow replenishment and prepares monthly bank reconciliation; Prepare monthly payroll payments for international & local staff & revise and approve overtime sheets;

_All secretary tasks; Maintain attendance timesheets & registers for staff; Supervise drivers to ensure payments of tel. bills, internet, post office; Ensure log book of vehicle is up-to-date & regularly maintained etc…

_ Ensure log book of vehicle is up to-date & regularly maintained etc.

_ Preparation and Management of administrative tasks for purchases;

_ Manage the accounts of the Sub-Office for both Office running cost and Emergency expenditures and ensuring that monthly forecasts for upcoming monthly expenditures are provided to Main Office by the end of each month;

_ Supervise the work, inputs, outputs and attendance of Office staff (executive secretary, drivers/facilitators and cleaner) and perform monthly evaluation for the performance of the Office staff;

_Financial management of Training-courses and WSs;

_ Supervise Drivers and manage drivers movement etc...


 up to May 2012






Aden Brach

Commercial employee.


_ All commercial transactions of Company imports

_Receipt/preparation of commercial documents related to import 

_Overseeing day-to-day operations and focusing on the long-term interests of the business. Pursues new business opportunities and manages functions related to company's operations. 


November 2009 - 19/06/2011


RHPP Reproductive Health And Population Programme Funded by European Commission

Management Assistant

_ Preparation and Management of administrative tasks for purchases;

_ Manage the accounts of the TA Office ensuring that monthly forecasts for upcoming monthly expenditures are provided to Mott MacDonald by the end of each month;

_ During the absence of the TA, act as a focal point at the TA Office for all dialogue on matters related to TA Office with all parties…

_ Translation of Project documents (Arabic-English, English-Arabic);

_ Supervise the work, inputs, outputs and attendance of TA Office staff (executive secretary, driver/facilitator and cleaner) and perform monthly evaluation for the performance of the TA Office staff;

_Ensure and follow-up on coordination on all matters related to the RHPP programme with all relevant parties.

_ Maintain attendance timesheets & registers for staff; Supervise driver to ensure payments of tel. bills, internet, post office; Ensure log book of vehicle is up-to-date & regularly maintained etc…


Sept/2004 – 2006


PADZEY Yemeni/French Project supporting livestock in rural areas


Interpreter and translator

_ Usual secretary tasks,

_Translate any documents needed for the project (English, French, Arabic)

_Interpreter of PADZEY staff;

_ Preparation and management of administrative tasks for purchases;

_Word processing and Spread sheet management;

_ Accounting according to AFD rules and regulations including administration of cash-box and bank-account. 


Mid 1994 -2001




and Accountant

_ Preparation and Management of administrative tasks for purchases;

_ Work-planning and coordination with other local staff;

_ Accounting according to GTZ rules and regulations including administration of cash-box and bank-account ;

_ Translation of Project documents (Arabic-English, English-Arabic);

Word processing and Spread Sheet management ;

_ Office management;

­_ Recording of meetings, training and seminars;

_Financial management of Training-courses and Seminars. 


1989 – mid 1994




_ Teaching English subjects;

_ Registration Office.



Special Skills

Strongly work hard and honestly. Hard worker under pressure. Have the flexibility to work whenever there are extra hours as necessary. Active, enthusiastic young person, fast learner, a team player with high work ethics individual, good supervisory and problem solving skills, have good sense of organization and enjoy team work, have the ability to pay close attention to details and work with minimal supervision. Work effectively and harmoniously within a team, independently and with colleagues from diverse cultures and professional backgrounds..


(Data processing etc.)

Computer Skills (SAP, typing, windows XP, MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and e-mail)


Language Skills (1 to 5)





Stay in the language area (years/country)















Djibouti, stayed 13 years



*mother-tongue – underlined, **1 = very good, 2 = good; 3 = satisfactory; 4 = basic skills; 5 = no skills

I spend my childhood in Djibouti with my parents, I learnt at French schools until age of thirteen we travelled back to Aden – Yemen my native country where I continued my studies at the Comprehensive International School (English school). 

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