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Avenue Gordon Smith L-7750 Colmar-Berg

Avenue Gordon Smith L-7750 Colmar-Berg


Année de fondation

1000+ employés


En quelques mots

Goodyear in Colmar-Berg is an integrated industrial complex, which is complemented by various plants and installations. It is Goodyear’s most diversified complex outside the United States. The main part of the complex is the Tire Plant.

At the Mold Plant, aluminium and steel molds are designed and produced for the vulcanisation presses. At the Regional Calendaring Centre, Goodyear applies rubber to fabric. These plants supply their products to the European tire plants of the group. In order to be able to offer high-quality products, in-depth research and development is necessary. It was for this purpose that Goodyear Innovation Centre Luxembourg (GIC*L) was set up. Together with GIC*A (Akron), it spearheads Goodyear’s research and development throughout the world.

With approximately 3.250 associates, Goodyear is today the number two industrial employer in Luxembourg.



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