How to Overcome Fear of Losing Job


Publié le 05/10/2020, par Andréa Ramos


Is losing your job one of your worst nightmares? Do you have slight palpitations and cold sweat just thinking about it? Is “John, I need you in my office, now!” a terrifyingly scary sentence for you? Do you always think about the worst-case scenarios? 😱

If the answers are “yes”, that means that you are afraid of being fired, and it’s completely normal and understandable. But we are here to help you with these negative feelings. If you want to control this fear, this article is for you!

Why are we scared?

25% of Luxembourg employees are fearing for their job security and this number is constantly increasing due to the COVID-19. Besides this reason, there could be many others why you fear losing your job.

  • You lack self-confidence: in this case, you think you’re not “good enough” for your position or company, and you don’t trust your skills. Basically, you don’t believe in yourself!
  • You feel illegitimate: you’re always comparing yourself to your colleagues who are supposedly more intelligent, funny, talented, and went to a better school than you did. So, you don’t feel like you deserve to be near such wonderful beings.
  • You fear the unknown: whether it’s a new manager, colleague or any other new element you can’t control. It can upset the balance and become a threat in your eyes.
  • You don’t trust others: if your former manager was oppressive, you think that they’re all the same.

These are a few examples of this fear’s origin. Knowing why you’re afraid of losing your job is important to find the right solution.


"The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid,
but he who conquers that fear."
Nelson Mandela.


How to control your fear?

There are many options to control your fear, such as:

  • Assessing your situation: is there any valid reason why your boss might fire you? For instance, your boss is being very critical lately, you don’t participate to important meetings anymore, etc.
  • Surrounding yourself with kindness: positive relatives are a great source of comfort during rough times and help you by providing moral support.
  • Working on you self-confidence: thanks to a career coach or online podcasts, you can learn to better live your daily life and change the way you look at yourself.
  • Talking about your fear: whether it is with your colleagues or manager, expressing what you feel. Don’t keep it to yourself, you might be surprised that some people feel the same as you do or be reassured regarding your position in the company.
  • Being prepared for the worst: if you fear losing your job, don't wait until it happens to update your resume, check the job offers available or practice for job interviews!
  • Turning the risk into a new opportunity: instead of being scared, consider it as a new step in your career! Is there something new you secretly want to try? Maybe it’s time to build a new project and revitalize your professional life!

We hope this article will help you to control your fear of being fired. Do not hesitate to comment and tell us if you have any other tips to overcome it! 👌

You can also consult the job offers available in Luxembourg on our website or participate in one of our recruitment events - which will be 100% virtual this year! 🖥️


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