6 Reasons Why Christmas is the Best time for Job Search

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Publié le 06/12/2021, par Florane Giolat

Christmas is coming and you think you'll have plenty of time to sleep in for a couple of weeks since it's a dead period for recruitment. Uh-huh! You might be wrong, and we tell you why in this post.

1 - Because you'll have time...

that you won't have any more when the new year starts. Take advantage of this slightly less stressful period to apply for jobs and get a head start. When recruiters receive less applications, they have more time to analyze the one they got: yours!

2 - It is during the holidays that you prepare for January, not in January!

Choosing to apply now is also a solid strategy that will allow you to follow up with recruiters in the start of the new year. Be careful not to send too many follow-up emails, especially during this period when they might be out of office.

3 - The other candidates are busy spending their vacations relaxing at home

While everyone else is busy eating some "bûche" or turkey, you'll be the first to apply for a job at the earliest opportunity!

At Moovijob, we know that companies receive less applications during Christmas season, right before the number exploses in January. A good reason to take advantage of this time and apply during this period!

4 - Don't give up on your job search, it's harder to get back into it after the foie/faux gras

Of course, we're not telling you to skip New Year's Eve and wake up at the crack of dawn on January 1st! Just don't leave your research on hold for too long, or you'll have a hard time getting back into it once the holidays are over.

And if you don't want to send resumes every day, you can also take 2 minutes to read our best tricks to make your application stand out.

5 - Some hiring managers still work on Christmas

That's right! Not everyone is lucky enough to have a two-week vacation! Even if the period is slower, recruiters are still active, so keep an eye on your phone, your future employer might give you a call.

6 - The number of job offers does not decrease

On the contrary, recruiters are preparing for the new year by posting more offers. They often need new people to start working in early January. Be one of them by applying fast, then you will be part of the pipeline of candidates in the starting-blocks of 2022! When recruiters return from vacation in good shape, they will be more motivated to process your application!

Happy holidays!

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