How to find a job when you’re older than 45?

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In France, 56% of people aged between 50-64 are working, according to Eurostat. In Luxembourg, the percentage is quite similar with around 55.4.% of working people aged between 50 and 64 years old. In Belgium, only 52% of the "seniors" are employed. After 10 or even 20 years of experience, it can be difficult to find a new job matching your experience and your expectations. We are going to help you with a few tips and tricks.

Review your current situation

After age 40, it is common to look for… something else. Whether you are facing a feeling of dissatisfaction regarding your current job or, simply need to find a new one, you don’t know where to start? Well, simply from the beginning. Start with answering those short questions (you can also write them down if it helps) to give you a better overview of your situation:

  • What are your experiences?
  • What have been the most powerful moments of your career?
  • What are your most valuable skills?
  • In which fields?
  • What makes you better than another candidate?

Then, try to imagine how you could (and would) include those elements within a new job. Maybe you had the experience to manage a team a few years ago and would like to do it again? Maybe your personal experiences (with children for example) are great assets of yours? Don’t neglect any of your skills and qualities while doing your review.

Adjust yourself to the market

Once you decided which job suits your skills and needs at best, don’t forget to adapt your expectations to the current market. Try to visit some career fairs to meet face-to-face with recruiters, and don’t forget specialized fairs dedicated to your work area (special conferences and fairs, professional lunches, networking afterworks…) Those events usually take place a few times throughout the year and allow you to meet with professionals and create a new network.

If needed, register to professional trainings to make sure your skills are at their best.

Rethink your resume

After a few years in the labour market, the list of your professional experiences can be quite long. When writing and designing a new resume, you may want to keep it to one page in length. Try to select no more than 3 to 4 experiences (only the most relevant for your future job) and put the emphasis on the details of your missions. If you are missing space, you can omit the space dedicated to your education.

When designing your resume, avoid the classic white CV and use preferably free modern online templates.

Don’t forget your social media accounts

You probably heard about social media… Well, did you know that in 2018, 90% of recruiters used them to identify new talents? Even if you don’t like to expose yourself on social media, you must know that it can be a GREAT help for your job search. Here are some tips for an attractive professional social media profile:

  • Polish up your headline with the job you are looking for (example: Experienced Administrative Assistant);
  • Add a professional picture: you can ask your friend or a member of your family to take a nice picture of you. Selfies are tolerated if they look professional;
  • Add your professional experience with detailed missions.

Once your profile is ready, don’t hesitate to add your (ex) colleagues, classmates, professors and friends to build your network.

Value your experiences more than your age

When writing a cover letter or doing a job interview, you must know that the aim of the recruiter is to learn the most about you, as quickly as possible. If you start by listing all your experiences from the beginning of your career, you might lose their interest within a few minutes. In the same vein, if you start by justifying your age and find excuses, you will show them a form of weakness. Instead, organize your answer in a way that will interest the recruiter and show him/her the lessons and benefits you have gained from all your experiences.

It's time to explore new opportunities.

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