It’s time for a professional Spring Cleaning!


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Oh spring… what a wonderful season! It’s also the perfect time to do the so well-known Spring Cleaning. You surely know the one you do in your house like cleaning and organizing your closet or even defrosting your freezer.

But did you know there was a professional Spring Cleaning? 🤔 Well, if you don’t, we have some tips for you — and if you do, we’re sure you can use some additional help — so… roll up your sleeves and let’s clean your professional environment!

✔️ Clean and organize your desk

Don't put the cart before the horse. Indeed, before tackling the Spring Cleaning in your job, you need to do some proper cleaning in your desk first. Put into order the several documents scattered on your desk or organize and tidy pens, highlighters and post-it up, for instance.

And remember, even if you are remote working at home, it's not a reason to have a disorganized desk. So, organize it just like you would do at work!

A clean desk leads to a clean mind. It will definitely help you to focus on the following parts of your professional Spring Cleaning.

✔️ Make an inventory of your tasks

Try to classify the different tasks you need to do, regarding your position, into several groups. For example, the ones you love — a breath of fresh air —, the ones you are good at, the ones that don't bother you, the ones you hate, the ones you like but only while working with a colleague, etc.

This will allow you to have a global vision of your activities and your professional environment in general.

✔️ Separate your missions

Separate these missions into two columns: those you want to keep and those you secretly hope to get rid of!

As for the missions you don't like, try to find out what's the problem. Is it the task itself? Or, is it the context that gives you that negative feeling?

The other way around, you may want to ask yourself why do you enjoy this particular assignment? Is it a challenging and interesting mission? Or, is it just because you're with Jack from accounting? (Okay, it's true that we always have a good laugh with him!).

✔️ Tidy your assignments up

Be careful, the idea here isn't to unload all the tasks you don't like to the trainee or the newbie. The goal of this Spring Cleaning is to find a better balance between what you like and what you don't like.

For example, you can ask your manager to reassign the different tasks or divide them between more team members? Maybe some of your colleagues feel the same way but don't dare to ask.

You can even negotiate one day of remote working per week so you'll avoid going to the office on the day of your boxing lesson — that you always miss because of train delays... Talk to your manager!

There will probably be some negative assignments left, but don't forget: balance...

✔️ Greet a new skill

Having all your missions listed in a table may help you to learn more about yourself. Is there a new skill you want to learn? A new mission to carry out? Another foreign language you want to learn? Is there a new course you would like to follow?

Enjoy this wonderful season — when the world seems to awake and be born again — to rediscover yourself and evolve.

We've just described these 5 essential steps for an effective professional Spring Cleaning! In addition, we created a checklist you can use to make sure you follow all of our tips.

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