How to get ready for a virtual recruitment event?

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In this article, we give you the 7 steps to follow in order to be ready to participate in a virtual event. You will then be well prepared to succeed in your virtual meetings! 

1. Make sure you have a good internet connection

A virtual event relies mainly on a good internet connection. So, before anything else, make sure you have a high-performance internet access at the time of the virtual event. If you can't connect from home, go to a friend's or family member's home, an open space, a cybercafé or a library. Be sure to reserve a computer if you need one.

2. Test your microphone and camera

Once you are sure that you have internet access, you must then take care of a few technical details such as the microphone, the camera or the battery of your computer. We developed this point in a previous article if you want to know more. Tip: check these details before participating in the virtual event or starting a conversation with a recruiter.

3. Do some research beforehand

Find out about the different companies that will be present at the event as well as potential job opportunities. Target the companies and positions that interest you in order to collect a maximum of information so that you can surprise (positively) and prove your interest and motivation during your interview!

4. Take care of your look

Although the interview is virtual, you should not neglect your appearance! We advise you to go for a professional outfit (as if you were at a physical event) as well as good posture. It is best to avoid looking too casual, which could be perceived as a lack of motivation. Put yourself forward in order to establish a good relationship with your interlocutor.

5. Choose a quiet place

If possible, choose beforehand the room where you will be during your participation in a virtual event. Make the background as neutral as possible to avoid distractions and interruptions from other members of your family, for example. If you're going to a shared space, don't forget to bring a pair of headphones or headsets to reduce background noise.

6. Behave as you would in a physical interview...

As mentioned earlier, the codes for a physical interview should be kept in mind. For example, prepare your Elevator Pitch to make a good first impression to recruiters during your presentation and practice answering the most frequently asked questions during an interview, remember to watch your body language and don't hesitate to ask questions! Keep in mind that there is a very real aspect behind that computer screen.

7. But adopt the virtual codes!

Since the virtual also has certain limits, here are a few tips to master the specific codes of the virtual. Speak loud enough, articulate, pause and use short sentences, for example. Try to look directly at the camera (and not at the frame where you or your interlocutor appears on the screen) and avoid making too many movements. Finally, when possible, encourage the use of a computer over telephones and tablets.

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