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2 r. Edmond Reuter - z.i. Weiergewan 5326 Contern

2 r. Edmond Reuter - z.i. Weiergewan 5326 Contern

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1 - 10 employés


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e-Kenz is a Luxemburgish IT consulting agency and hosting provider. We deliver complete managed services mainly around Business information systems (ERP, Analytics, Mobility), from delivering business skills, project management and SAP business suite implementation competencies to providing a full and innovative cloud offer for your enterprise process support.

Our concept is quite innovative. By offering SAP IT services in a private cloud, our customers, mainly mid-sized companies, can benefit from state-of the art SAP solutions without having to make major investments in hardware and/or IT people. Being headquartered in Luxemburg, in the heart of Europe, e-Kenz is the only 100% Luxemburgish SAP Partner.

Next to our cloud services, we offer tailored SAP Support through our SAP Service Desk, “SAP Certified Center of Expertise” certified and exclusively staffed with senior support consultants per domain. Through the addition of its cloud infrastructure e-Kenz differentiates itself from its competitors on the Luxemburgish market and the Greater Region.

The board of directors governing e-Kenz is composed of Amal Choury, managing director of e-Kenz, Robert Dennewald, President of the board and CEO of Eurobéton and Arnaud Lambert, Vice-President of Champ Cargosystems.



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