ORDINA carrières et emploi

Ecoparc - Solarwind L-8399 WINDHOF

Non renseigné

Année de fondation

1 - 10 employés


En quelques mots

Ordina provides our clients with consultancy, ICT and outsourcing services. A single point of contact for our clients integrated portfolio. From strategy to op-erational solutions. From package to custom software. From architectures to tools. From projects to right sourcing and applications management. All on the right for our clients.

Ordina works for banks and insurance companies, government, utility and tel-ecommunications companies, retail, transport and industry … is expert and result-driven. Flexible, pragmatic and reachable. In terms of capacity and synergies, a big player. Together with Ordina Belgium and the Netherlands, we have 3000 employees ICT people aiming for the top of the local IT sector.

We are known as expert in numerous fields on SAP (ERP, BI-BO, CRM, BPM, Mobility, …).



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