Is Luxembourg the new paradise for young people?

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Are young people in Luxembourg now privileged?

Today, Luxembourg shines like a sun in Europe (small yet powerful). After being for years a paradise for senior profiles, especially in the Finance and IT sectors, Luxembourg is now facing the challenge of seducing graduates and students from all areas and nationalities.
Luxembourg’s flame is now attracting more young people looking for better living standards than fabulous wages.

That is why the country does everything necessary to try to attract its future potential residents in its heart: a free transport network from 2020, an ongoing ecological transition including more than 600 kilometers of bicycle path, plenty of green spaces, high quality technology infrastructures… And obviously job offers in adequacy!

With its confirmed Triple A in 2019 and its many other titles (Europe’s 1st Center of Private Banking, World’s 2nd European Investment Center, Safest city in the world…), Luxembourg does not lack of arguments to convince graduates to join it in its conquest of Europe. It is particularly thanks to this new strategy that the event has allowed hundreds of recruitments since its creation!

Every year, the job fair impacts the young career of graduates and young professionals coming from all over Europe. With more than 160 employers and a total of 2,500 job offers, sure knows how to seduce Luxembourgish and European talents, newly arrived in the labour market. is a unique occasion for students and young professionals with less than 5 years of professional experience to start their work life in Luxembourg and meet face-to-face with Luxembourg’s major employers in one day.

The numerous job and internship offers will be spread across thematic areas:

Audit-Accounting, Banking-Financial Services-Insurance, Construction-Engineering-Industry-Transport, IT-Consulting, Legal, Sales-Retail-Marketing, Research & Development and Services-Training.

That way every candidate can maximize its visit.

Do you want to have more information about the job fair? Well, there you go!

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