A Master in Wealth Management at Uni.lu for experts in finance, taxation, estate planning and risk management

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Today, Jos Van Bommel is introducing on the MooviBlog the Master in Wealth Management at the Luxembourg School of Finance.

Could you introduce your program?

Wealth Management refers to the provision of customised financial services, such as portfolio management and financial planning, to high net worth individuals (HNWIs). Wealth Managers are experts in finance, taxation, estate planning and risk management. They closely follow their clients’ personal and financial circumstances and understand their preferences and goals.

The Master in Wealth Management at the Luxembourg School of Finance is one of first Master programmes dedicated specifically to this discipline. We attract students from all over the world, all wishing to specialize in this field. They realise that Luxembourg is an ideal place to do this, and are particularly attracted by the close interaction with industry practitioners, via mentorships, courses and lectures, and internships.


Is there a selection process to take part to this program?

The programme is highly selective, last year we received more than 200 applications for the 30 available places in the programme. The admission criteria are 4 years of successful university education (either a 4 year bachelor or a bachelor plus a Master’s), students meeting this criteria are screened on academic and professional achievements to be documented in an application package, and finally a telephone interview.

What happens to the alumni?

MWM graduates Wealth managers can work for private banks, companies, trusts, foundations or family offices, or can become independent advisors. Many alumni have found employment in the sector or abroad. For some testimonials, please click here, here, here or here.


Other important things to know about this program:

Some things that make the MWM special is the dedicated mentorship programme and the Singapore module. The personal industry mentor will be a private banker or other wealth management professional with whom the student develops a personal and professional relationship during his/her studies, focusing on the student’s professional development. The mentor will introduce the student to the practical aspects of wealth management, through visits, lunch meetings, or corporate events. The industry mentor may also provide contacts or resources that are relevant to the student’s career.

The Singapore Module is a residential academic week at the Singapore Management University, one of the leading business schools in the world and renowned for its courses on wealth management. During one week students will receive classes on topics that are relevant in Asia, and visit private banks and institutions. The module takes place in September, and accommodation in Singapore is included in the course fees.

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