For the very first time, a 100% Luxembourgish recruitment event in Paris!


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Luxembourg – Since 2011, Moovijob supports employment in Luxembourg by organising the main recruiting events for the Grand-Duchy. 2018 was another milestone, since the company organises a new event, exclusively with Luxembourgish recruiters in … Paris!

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[caption id="attachment_16511" align="alignleft" width="456"] 1,600 recruitments were made following the 3 latest events organised by Moovijob in 2017[/caption]

Recruiting events has for long suffered from a poor image; they are now considered as essentials for recruiters, who care about finding potential talents and developing the employer branding. 350 Luxemburgish companies have participated in the 3 events organised by Moovijob in 2017 (for a total of 15,000 visitors). That excitement is fuelled by the return on investments: more than 1,600 recruitments made (an average of 4 recruitments per company). “Practices in recruitment have considerably evolved,” said Yannick FRANK – Country Manager Luxembourg at Moovijob. “We talk a lot about digitalization. Good point but there is still much to do. We’re facing a paradox: digital is paving its way in the recruitment industry, yet our events increasingly raise interests. Why? There’s nothing like faceto-face meetings to experience the feeling!”

The human side alone does not explain the reason why recruiters find these events attractive. Efforts are put to match the needs. Welcomed visitors must fit recruiters’ requirements. Sourcing, preselection, personal invitations…are the key to success. “Recruiters have never been more demanding”, added Yannick. “They must be efficient and for specific needs, finding the right talent has become a challenge.”

[caption id="attachment_16512" align="alignright" width="390"] Luxembourg will be in Paris on May, 29[/caption]

This has led Moovijob to take a new turn by organizing a Luxembourgish event, outside the boundaries of the country. “We’re bringing Luxembourg in Paris” told Yannick, delighted. “No French companies will be "allowed. Luxembourg is coming to Paris to meet new talents interested in the Grand Duchy”
This event, which will be organised with the support of Digital Lëtzebuerg and the Ministery of Economy, will take place in a prestigious place of the French capital: the Pavillon Vendôme, located on the famous place of the same name. “We needed a place worthy of the project”, emphasized Yannick.
The exclusivity will be total because only 30 Luxembourgish companies will be able to participate: “We want to limit access to companies with needs in IT, Finance and Law/Legal only. The aim is to solve the current skills shortage problem. Quality, confidentiality and exclusivity are key ingredients to make this event successful.”, Yannick confirmed.

In addition to the primary objective of attracting and securing new talents, Plug&Work Luxembourg in Paris is also a way to promote the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg abroad: “The lack of awareness regarding the Luxembourgish environment remains marked abroad. This is not only about offering potential candidates career prospects, but providing comprehensive and useful information to convince them to move to the Grand Duchy: living conditions, health system, education system, real estate, tourism… after attending this event, we expect candidates to take the leap and join us in Luxembourg!”
This relocated Luxembourgish recruitment event should pave the way for similar and incoming events in other countries. This might be the start for Luxembourg to go on a Recruitment Tour around Europe?

[caption id="attachment_16509" align="alignleft" width="329"] The famous Place Vendôme will be the ideal location for Luxembourg and its future talents to meet[/caption]

Recruitment Event Plug&Work Luxembourg in Paris Luxembourg is coming to Paris!
Tuesday, 30th of May 2018 – Pavillon Vendôme (Vendôme place, Paris)
Contact: Yannick Frank, Country Manager Luxembourg +352 24 87 37 80 | +352 621 34 30 15 |

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