How to talk about career development while having a pleasant evening?


Publié le 23/10/2018, par Oriane MARTIN


Launched by Moovijob in 2010 in Strasbourg, the concept of the recruitment evenings has strongly developed during the past years. After the first editions 8 years ago, why are these evenings still successful? What value do they add compared to traditional job fairs? The company Moovijob answers to these questions while preparing the next Plug&Work Luxembourg evening.

At the time, one would browse newspapers and classified ads to seek or to change jobs. The internet would not dictate our lives and smartphones weren't yet permanently attached to our hands! Nowadays, the possibilities to get it contact with the future employer have increased significantly. Therefore, there are many choices, but for what results?

“Job boards, social media, fairs, recruitment agencies, co-option … people have a vast choice of channels to get in contact with the company they are interested in,” explains Nicolas NGUYEN – Sourcing Manager at Moovijob. “At Moovijob, we offer the choice between an online contact on our website and a face-to-face meeting via a dozen of events organized each year!” The events are getting more and more successful, and this, in a digital age. The internet is good, the face-to-face meeting is better.

According to Nicolas: “Face-to-face meetings allow especially the recruiter and the visitor to gain time. They see each other, the eyes meet, the feeling gets through. Many companies hire people at job fairs, who they would have never recruited only by analysing their CV. That’s what we call the magic of the event.”

The recruitment, as Moovijob is doing it, is appealing! No wonder this company started this kind of recruitment evenings in 2010. “At the beginning of the Plug&Work project, people didn’t understand: evenings that take place in atypical places to find a job? The public was a bit lost at first, but then understood very quickly: testing this concept is adopting it.”, tells Yannick FRANK – Country Manager at Moovijob. The recruitment evenings have many advantages, explaining the reason why people were conquered in Strasbourg. The companies recruit, and the visitors are recruited, what else? The recruiters drink their cocktails while meeting qualified profiles. The guests meet companies while benefitting from a relaxed atmosphere. There is everything to have a pleasant evening... and sometimes to forget the subject of recruitment.

Besides, there is the rigorous pre-selection made by Moovijob which contributes considerably to the success of the evenings.

“During our latest Luxemburgish evening organized in Paris, we only accepted 500 people from 1,500 applications. Certainly, there are disappointments, but the task of matching satisfies a lot the companies and the visitors, who therefore are not coming for nothing!" continues Yannick.

The number of the companies participating is also limited to 40 for confidentiality purpose and to guarantee high-quality events.

Although the recruitment is not an official discipline at the Olympic Games, it is a highlight to meet your future employer in a sports arena!

You want to develop your career in IT or Finance? You are interested in the companies participating? The concept intrigues you? Then don’t hesitate to register on the official website.

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