How to recruit a recruiter?

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How to recruit a recruiter? You will first discover the required qualities for this specific occupation. We will then give you on which criteria you should evaluate a candidate. And finally, we will give some examples of topics!

Required qualities

An efficient recruitment professional needs to:

  • Be curious: Curiosity is a key part of the recruiter’s job. An efficient recruiter needs to be interested in new methods, tools, and candidates' needs.
  • Listen: An efficient recruiter has to listen and truly pay attention to the others.
  • Be organized: It is crucial to avoid forgotten candidates, grunt communication, unclear processes, appointments cancelled at the last second, and so on.
  • Show empathy: Even the most experienced candidate can be stressed during an interview. So, an efficient recruiter should make the candidates feel comfortable.
  • Follow his/her gut: An efficient recruiter must have specific knowledge but also needs to trust his/her instincts to discover the perfect candidate with that little extra thing.

Evaluate on 4 criteria

You should evaluate the candidate – to a recruitment position – based on the following 4 criteria. We give you one example of question for each category.

Strong skills: This category gathers the specific knowledge – sourcing, assessment techniques, and active listening techniques, for instance – as well as the diplomas.

Example: “Tell me how to start a sourcing session (what do you do first...)”

Soft skills: Some soft skills – such as curiosity, listening skills, readiness to learn, interpersonal skills, and adaptability, for instance – are primordial for this occupation.

Example: “Did you faced any challenge while communicating with your manager? How did you deal with that situation?”

Recruiting world: The place of the candidate, attitude to manager and candidate or place of the tools are a part of this category

Example: “What is your attitude towards candidates who don’t get the job?”

Love for his/her job: As in every job, the people more efficient are the ones who love their job and want to improve every day.

Example: “Why did you chose to work in recruitment?”

Some topics to be addressed

We are giving you now some examples of topics to be addressed while recruiting a recruiter:

  • Sourcing: This is a very interesting topic to assess if the candidate manages sourcing methods and to ensure that his/her approach while seeking new talents is organized or not.
  • Recruitment process: An efficient recruiter should take a critical look at the established recruitment process and be able to recommend improvements.
  • Time management: Knowing how to organize is essential as a recruiter has to manage several priorities at the same time.
  • Negotiate: A recruiter must carry out several assignments such as discussing salary with a candidate or selling a candidate to a manager, for instance.
  • Psychology: Sometimes, you have to understand the motivations of a candidate, so it is an important topic to be addressed.
  • Job offers: An efficient recruiter should manage sales writing techniques as creating a job offer is a daily task in this job.
  • Avoid discrimination: Before recruiting a recruiter, you need to ensure he/she will not discriminate candidates based on their age, origins, gender, or any other discriminatory criteria. This is one of the more important topics to be addressed.

Are you planning on recruiting a recruiter? We hope our article will help you and also recommend you to use the structured interviewing method.


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