Things you must never do during a job interview in Luxembourg

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During a job interview, some behaviors can be repulsive to a recruiter and can ruin your chances in a few seconds. No matter the quality of your CV and your motivation. Of course, if you’re a fantastic candidate, nothing is lost, but we advise you to avoid doing these five things if you are applying in Luxembourg.

1) Don’t show up too early!

Let’s start with the basics. About courtesy, Luxembourg was very influenced by the Germanic culture, that’s why you should always arrive on time at a job interview. But on time means on time, please don’t show up 30 minutes early to prove that you are ready and rigorous. By doing this, you will only prove that you are not organized. You will also surprise the recruiter, who is certainly not ready to receive you at this time.

Tips: If you arrive too early, don’t hesitate to go for a walk on the nearest park or have coffee nearby. This will help you reduce your anxiety and prepare the last details of your job interview. You should arrive around 5 to 10 minutes early to make a good impression.

2) Don’t be arrogant

If there is one thing that most of the recruiters hate, it’s an arrogant candidate. Especially if you are working in a huge demand sector in Luxembourg (IT, Finance, Legal, Sales…). Due to its Nordic influences, modesty and simplicity are very valuable qualities to have in Luxembourg. It’s a good thing to be confident, but it is more important to stay humble. Skills are not the only things recruiters are looking for. When you are working with a lot of people, your ability to communicate and show your soft skills will matter as well. Nobody wants to work with a douche! 😊

Tips: Talk about your previous challenges and how you managed them. Showing your weaknesses will prove the recruiter that you know how to handle tough situations. Also, don’t hesitate to talk about the importance of other people in your success. Teamwork and empathy are really appreciated by all companies.

3) Don’t complain about your previous job

Your last job was a nightmare? Even if blaming your ex-manager/company could seem very tempting, you should double check before doing this in a job interview. If you are looking for a new job because of the previous company management or colleague’s relationship, find another way to formulate it so you don’t make it looks like you’re blaming them. In fact, when you speak negatively about someone, it reflects far more poorly on you than it does on them. Recruiters are looking for someone with reasons, not excuses.

Furthermore, when you apply for a job in Luxembourg, it is very likely that the recruiter is your previous manager’s best friend. In such a small country, you should be careful about blaming other people because it can badly affect your professional reputation, which is a big deal in Luxembourg.

Tips: Always talk about learning opportunity and not negatively. Instead of talking about the difficulties you had to work from home and your manager who was very frigid about that, emphasize the fact that you are looking for a new opportunity with flexible work hours.

4) Don't get too comfortable

It is a good thing to be at ease in a job interview but being “too comfortable” can cause you some problems. In Luxembourg, there are still a lot of codes that you should respect once you get a job interview. Your outfit should be classic and professional. If you don’t know the dress code of the company you applied for, don’t hesitate to overdress.

During the interview, you should be careful about your posture too. Don’t be slumped on your chair like you would be at your grandma's house, the recruiter is not your friend!

Tips: When you arrive, say hello and check the hand of the recruiter. To be more comfortable, don’t hesitate to ask him how he is doing to create an environment less stressful. You also can ask for a glass of water or a coffee to help you relax.

5) Don’t forget to prepare yourself

When you apply for a job, you should know by heart your experiences and your skills because they are yours. But when you want to work for a company, you must work a little upstream to get to know the company. There is nothing worse than hearing a candidate hesitating about the basic knowledge of the company. This could be seen as a lack of interest in the job.

Tips: Have in mind the products/services proposed by the company, the evolution of the turnover, the number of employees, the group strategy, the current events. Spend a good amount of time looking the company website and their social network! This will help you prepare your interview like a pro. A good question to ask: “What are the future challenges of the company?”

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