My Life in Luxembourg: an Italian Integration Association Coordinator’s point of view


Publié le 02/05/2018, par Oriane MARTIN

You may not know, but Luxembourg is a hyper multicultural country located in the middle of Europe. To make you discover its labor market and the diversity of people who live and work there, we decided to interview each month someone about his/her life in Luxembourg! Let’s continue with our 5th episode with the experience of Camilla, a 46 year old Italian JUST ARRIVED Ambassador’s Club Coordinator, who has been living there since July 2007.

The first thing you would ask an Italian woman, working and living in Luxembourg is: “How did you get there?” Camilla, like many expats, followed her husband who found a job in Luxembourg in July 2007.

She worked in digital and communications for many years until she discovered the project Just Arrived. Originally, it was a practical guide for new residents in Luxembourg launched by two French women. It became a website and within a few years, Camilla drafted a community of expats and volunteers for the Just Arrived Ambassadors Club association, a first step into intercultural integration in Luxembourg. The aim of the JAA Club association is to provide a multicultural platform built by people, the citizen-ambassadors of different nationalities, who are already settled in Luxembourg and are willing to share their integration experience and help. Today, she is managing communications and organizing events for newcomers in the Grand Duchy.

After 11 years of working experience, we asked her what were the 3 things she liked the most in Luxembourg regarding the working environment. She told us about the exceptional potential of developing new projects there.

Concerning her view about Luxembourg in general, she says that compared to Italy, of course the weather is not the same! She adds: "Luxembourg is a small country, but very cosmopolite. Nature is close to the city and we can find more and more choice of activities."

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