Things you probably didn't know about Luxembourg

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Whether you are living, working or simply interested by this country, you might want to know more about its history and its culture. Here are 23 facts you probably didn't know about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  1. Luxembourg is the second smallest country in the European Union.
    With an area of 2,586 square kilometers, Luxembourg is the second smallest country in the European Union, right after Malta.
  2. It is also the second least populated country...
    in the European Union with an estimated population of 602 005 (2018).
  3. Despite that, it has the fastest population growth rate of Europe. 
    Mostly because of  immigrants and foreigners representing half the population of Luxembourg.
  4. Luxembourg means "little fortress".
    The country is named after the historic 10th century castle, called the Lucilinburhuc.
  5. Luxembourg is the last remaining Grand Duchy in the World.
    It was established as such in 1815 by the Congress of Vienna.
  6. “We will remain what we are”
    "Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn" means "we will remain what we are" and it is the official motto of Luxembourg. The motto was originally a lyrics from a poem written by Michel Lentz in 1859.
  7. Luxembourg City is the first city in Europe to be named the “European Capital of Culture” twice.
    Among the 40 European cities that have won the prize, Luxembourg is the only city to win twice in 1995 and 2007.
  8. Luxembourg is the founding member of many international and European agencies...
    like the European Union (EU), OECD – Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development, United Nations – United Nations Organisation, formed after the World War II (also served on the UN Security Council), NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Benelux – Regional Cooperation of BElgium, NEtherlands and LUXembourg.
  9. Luxembourg passport is ranked the 5th best passport in the world.
    It allows its citizens to travel to 186 differents countries.
  10. The safest country in the world is Luxembourg.
    and it only has 2 prisons and 1300 policemen for a population of  more than 600,000.
  11. There is always a castle to see.
    The country counts 130 castles on its 2,586 square kilometers.
  12. LGBT rights are well recognized and respected...
    and the current Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, is the first gay Prime Minister in the world.
  13. Luxembourg is the richest country in the world.
    According to its GDP per capita (Gross Domestic Product). In 2019, it was 119,719 USD (110 243,24 euros).
  14. One-third of the country is covered in forests.
    There is always a place to go for a walk.
  15. It has the highest number of expats among European countries.
    With more than 46% of the population consisting of foreign residents.
  16. Luxembourg's 5 largest foreign communities are Portuguese, French and Italian...
    followed by Belgian and German.
  17. RTL Group, Europe’s largest entertainment network, is based in Luxembourg.
    It was established 1933 and now employs more than 600 employees. Many international groups are also based in Luxembourg, such as Amazon, Paypal, Ferrero...
  18. Immigrants and cross-border employees comprise 70% of the country’s workforce.
    Foreign workers are really sought after by recruiters.
  19. The country has only two universities.
    University of Luxembourg and Sacred Heart University Luxembourg.
  20. Luxembourg ranks second in the ranking of the highest monthly minimum wage in the world...
    but it ranks first in Europe.
  21. Even though the cost of living is generally high, Luxembourg’s petrol is one of the cheapest in the EU.
    As well as cigarettes.
  22. Around 14,000 jobs are created each year
    Luxembourg's recruiters are always looking for new talents. Find your new opportunity in Luxembourg now.
  23. Luxembourg is first country in the world to make public transport free.
    From March, 1, 2020, trains, buses and other public transports became free for everyone.


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